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The Mission of C.A.S.A of San Bernardino:

To improve the quality of life for foster youth and juvenile offenders with stable and consistent advocacy and mentoring provided through trained community volunteers.

In San Bernardino County, approximately more than 3,400 children live in foster care. Those children were not only abused and/or neglected but as a result, removed from their homes and families. Sadly, many also become victims again in an overwhelmed child welfare system that cannot pay close attention to each child’s individual needs and wants.

As dependents of the court, these children pass through a court system which leaves them lost, confused and alone.

While in care, children and youth encounter difficulties that prevent them from becoming successful adults. They often face educational challenges, mental health issues and struggle to maintain healthy, consistent relationships.

(Court Appointed Special Advocates) C.A.S.A. of San Bernardino County recruits, screens and trains volunteers to become appointed advocates for children and youth currently living in foster care. The role of the advocate includes:

  • Developing a relationship with the child in order to provide effective recommendations to the court
  • Communicating and collaborating with other professionals in the child’s life
  • Committing to serving their child for a minimum of 18 months for 10-15 hours per month

C.A.S.A volunteers provide stability and hope to abused and neglected children by adding a powerful voice in their lives.

A C.A.S.A volunteer can be any adult in the community who is specifically trained and appointed by a juvenile court judge to:

  • Establish a strong and stable relationship with a child
  • Gather information, write reports, and make recommendations in the best interest of the child
  • Advocate to ensure the child receives the appropriate resources that he or she deserves

Across California, thousands of C.A.S.A volunteers build close relationships with and serve as advocates for foster children. In San Bernardino County, with approximately more than 3,400 children living in foster care, the need for a C.A.S.A volunteer is greater than ever. You can be the voice for children who need it the most.